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" I needed $200,000 life insurance coverage immediately to close a SBA loan. LifeTerm was able to get this for me within 2 weeks."
C.A. - Des Moines, IA
" My husband lost his life insurance through his company when he retired and LifeTerm was able to replace the coverage at affordable rates and in a timely manner. "

D.B. - New Orleans, LA

" I am a diabetic and I have heart trouble. I was turned down by several companies. LifeTerm Insurance was able to find me coverage that was affordable and the process was very easy. Thank you LifeTerm. "
R.D. - Santa Monica,CA
" I have 3 small children and we had no life insurance. I talked to several Internet companies and chose LifeTerm because they were very affordable and it was easy to go through the underwritting."
C.T. - Charlotte, NC


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LIFEterm Insurance has been serving the public for over 35 years providing competitive and thorough coverage for both healthy and hard-to-place individuals. We can provide this level of support because we don't favor one affordable term life insurance provider over another simply because they pay a higher commission. Instead, we opt to place our customers with the most competitive and highly rated insurers each and every time.With over 100 affordable terrm life insurance providers to choose from, LIFEterm can provide you with a policy that meets your coverage needs without breaking the bank.

In 2004, building on decades of success, LIFEterm (a division of InsureMaxInc) decided to expand our offering to a larger audience via the Internet. Now, with just a few clicks and 60 seconds of your time, you can compare affordable term life insurance quotes from many top providers possibly saving hundreds of dollars. No high-pressure sales calls, just quick and simple results before your eyes. In fact, without one envelope or stamp, you can even complete your application online for the company and policy you choose.In our continued tradition of personal customer service, LIFEterm provides friendly and easy-to-use information to help you choose the most appropriate and affordable term life insurance policy.

David Duke , licensed affordable term life insurance agent in District of Columbia and all 50 states. The following agent license numbers are provided for David Duke as required by state law: CA agent #DD41372, LA agent #223394, MN agent #IN-20430283, UT agent #214252.